The current position from España Activa, the National Association for Spain.

  • All clubs closed by government order. The country in a state of alarm.
  • We are helping all our members with labor advice to reduce the terrible damage that we are going to have.
  • At the moment, all Spanish companies are agreeing with the workers on a temporary termination of contracts.
  • Some clubs are offering activities online, but we don't know yet what acceptance it will have.
  • Tomorrow, the Spanish government will announce the economic measures they adopt to help the employer and the worker.
  • This difficult moment has caused that all of us to be united by the same objective. We will prepare a very powerful physical activity promotion campaign for when this is over.
  • And these weeks we will be in contact to share ideas, ways of doing and help each other.
  • FNEID, as a national association of Fitness, is leading the movement of the entire sector in Spain.
  • From Europe Active, a reduced VAT should be promoted as a way of activating people again and improving the immune system.