The current position from France Active, the National Association for France.

  • Global overview is that the outbreak seems difficult to maintain without extreme measures not appropriate in a «democracy ».
  • Day after day, measures tend to restrict more and more the capacity to gather, move or simply have a normal life.
  • People don’t seem to really accept/follow the rules. There are videos of Paris last week with habitants staying together in parcs, enjoying the sun or queuing close to one another in shops.
  • It is suggested that we will be under total lock down no later that Tuesday, with military enforcement.
  • With regards to fitness clubs, nothing happened until last Friday 13.03 when Prime Minister decided to ban gathering of more than 100 persons.
    • Ministry of Sport encouraged to limit to 10 participants in collective activities. So all fitness clubs started to update to these new measure: maximum 100 persons per club at the same time, maximum 10 persons in class OR club closed in enforcing these rules is impossible, with regards to the location or its concept.
  • Then on 14.03, when all fitness clubs started to adapt, the Prime Minister said that all locations welcoming publics would remain closed as of midnight and until at least 15.04. 
    • So here we are, no fitness clubs, no bars, no cinema, no restaurants…
  • Goods news is:
    • Employees can be declared in “partial unemployment” ; employer pays them 70% of their gross salary, and gets a refund from government;
    • All taxes and social charges can be paid later.

FranceActive, we are now discussing the modalities for the clients (postponing subscription, cancelling the March payment, etc.).