Seven steps to help the fitness sector

Nowadays, we are going through one of the most challenging situations. Yet it is us - fitness professionals - who have been proving tremendous viability in recent days. We fulfill social media with on-line programs, we set up Facebook groups where we help and motivate each other.

Let’s do our best to manage this situation with minimum losses. The Czech Chamber of fitness brings recommendations on how to proceed now:

1.    Keep calm!

We all know why the situation has occurred. The more vigorous the current measures are, the greater the chance it will all end soon. So, let's help and support each other! We are in this together!

2.    Calculate and optimize

Keep an eye on your expenditures and try to optimize them as much as possible. Actively communicate with banks, landlords and leasing companies... Kindly ask them to postpone or reduce payments.

3.    Get your team together

Work actively with your team. Explain what is going on and ask your team for active help and understanding. Your personal trainers and instructors at serious risk as well. Now you have a chance to get your heads together! As an alternative to normal training, you can prepare online lessons for your clients, prepare activity/physical challenges on social media, get in touch with your clients through individual consultations... Simply said, keep your clients moving together!

4.    Good communication will save your business

Continue with active communication with your clients. This is the absolute priority you should focus on! And for example, this could be the spirit: “We are here for you even through this difficult time. We cannot meet on regular basis as usual, but we are ready to get in touch through our social media channels. Our coaches are ready for individual consultations with you! In the meantime, we will do our best, starting with cleaning and improving the environment so you could feel comfortable after our opening. If you are wondering how you could help us, you can support us by not wanting a refund, interrupting or freezing membership and continue to practice online with us. We are here for you and even in quarantine we try to keep you moving…”

5.    “Sorry, we’re closed” - Make the most of it

Use the interrupted operation for proper cleaning, redecoration or machinery inspection… In short, do anything that you would hardly handle during a normal operation hour. For sure, you will please your clients and for that we recommend keeping them informed about it, so that they can look forward to the reopening.

6.     Follow the Czech Fitness Chamber

Follow the website and social media channels of Czech Chamber of Fitness! We prepare the latest news, for you we are in intensive communication with the Chamber of Commerce and with the media. We bring you advice on how to handle the current situation together.

7.     Look for an opportunity in the crisis!

Health, fitness and good relationships are now more than ever the most fundamental values. And we - fitness professionals - can play an important role in all this. Let's be active! Let’s be creative! And prove that we stand with our motto Healthy Fitness for a Healthy Czech Republic!


Please refer to the latest advice and guidance being given by your national government and health authorities