Increasing the physical activity levels of the elderly population is the ambition of EuropeActive’s Active Ageing Communities initiative. This Erasmus+ project aims to create communities for healthy and active older people in fitness centres and sport clubs from 6 European countries and will involve around 500 older adults going through a comprehensive programme over 2 years set up by experts from the University of Southern Denmark. It will address behavioural, mental, and socioeconomic barriers to physical activity in later life by proposing a mix of methodologies from already successful projects together with the new piloting based on an innovative intergenerational approach.
The AAC programme, and its accompanying manual, are based on four different modules: educational awareness; social inclusion and connectiveness; exercise; and behavioural change. Through 24 weeks long interventions, this programme will contribute to 1) improve overall health, physiological capacity and physical function, 2) create a feeling of belonging for older adults and perceive and experience physical and psycho-social benefits such as weight loss, improved aerobic capacity, sense of fun, and enjoyment, and 3) empower the participants to establish long-term sustainable active lifestyle.
After selecting 3 fitness centres and sport clubs from different local settings in their respective countries, AAC Project partners Czech Chamber of Fitness (Czech Republic), SIGA (Greece), SKY-RY (Finland), AGAP-Portugal Activo (Portugal), Ireland Active (Ireland) and ANIF Eurowellness (Italy) are currently gearing up for the implementation of the programme until March 2022. 
Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months: 
Aug 30, 2021 By Pauline Joskin