EuropeActive, Blueprint, Project, meeting, Madrid

With the mid-term of the project past and the interim report accepted by the European Commission, the Blueprint project consortium is looking into its last year of activities. Blueprint’s project partner Spain Active kindly hosted the 4th full partners meeting on 11-12 September 2019 at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

During the meeting fruitful discussions to place surrounding the planned publications related to Current Qualifications in Use in the European Active Leisure Sector, Skills Foresight, Validation of Prior Learning, Benefits for Employability, and the Allocating ECVET and ECTS to Active Leisure Qualifications. Moreover, the principles of a Certifying Organisation for the European Fitness sector were reviewed with the next peer review coming up during the International Standards meeting in November 2019 in Copenhagen.

The Blueprint project started in January 2018 and is funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Sport programme. The project consortium aims at developing an evidence-based sector skills strategy to foster skills cooperation and employment in the European Active Leisure sector. Ongoing research activities are being peer-reviewed on a rolling base by the Sector Skills Alliance for Active Leisure to assure close alignment with labour market needs. For more information about the Blueprint project, please consult



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