EU Sport Forum, EuropeActive

The European Commission is organising the 2019 EU sport Forum in collaboration with the Romanian presidency, on 8th and 9th April in Bucharest. The EU Sport Forum is one of the main events for the EU sport stakeholders. During the two-day event, a whole range of topics will be tackled during plenary and breakout sessions. These topics are selected from both the programme developed by the Romanian presidency, in which they set out their priorities in the different policy areas, and from the EU work plan for sport 2017 -2020, listing the actions the council of the EU wants to take.

EuropeActive is taking an active role during the EU Sport Forum with our president, Sir Graham Watson, participating in the panel discussion on how Europeans will engage in sport in the future. This directly relates to EuropeActive’s current work on future skills, as part of the BLUEPRINT project.

The partners of the BLUEPRINT project will try identify the skills that exercise professionals will need in the future and will reflect on the changing roles of fitness and outdoor workers in developing skills to meet new digital technologies, promoting health-enhancing physical activity (sometimes with other healthcare professionals), and working with special population groups.


Feb 28, 2019 By admin