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EuropeActive attended on Friday, 21st June 2019 the ‘Active Cities, Active Workplaces’ Workshop in the Committee of the Regions (CoR) hosted by Sport & Citizenship’s PACTE Project and the European Meetings of Company Sport (EMoCS). The event’s main goal was to target and find solutions to be more active at work by discussing with city leaders, experts and Sport representatives the best initiatives and topics for active companies.

The workshop started in a plenary session where Hicham Imane (CoR), Musa Lami (EMoCS) and Maxime Leblanc (Sport & Citizenship) shared their own testimonials on the current activities developed to get more active cities and workplaces.

The meeting moved on with an interesting roundtable debate where panelists presented the initiatives they were implementing in their own countries to encourage companies, employers and employees to be more active at work.

After being split into small groups, participants attended three different workshop parallel sessions to interactively discuss about dynamic workplaces; the first one focused on the role of municipalities and the responsibility they have in promoting active workplaces. Session 2 highlighted the importance of creating alliances and partnerships to fully establish and develop active workplaces. The last workshop reinforced the need of working towards a European certification to be implemented on workplaces to be more active.

Some concluding remarks from the organizers summed up the ‘Active Cities, Active Workplaces’ Workshop where several ideas, thoughts and proposals were taken to start developing better and more active workplaces.





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