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It is the mission of LifeFit Group to enable people to lead healthier and fitter lives – and being prevented from carrying out our mission during numerous months of lockdown was very challenging for us. During the pandemic, many people did not have the opportunity to focus on their fitness and well-being as much as they might have wanted or needed to. However, despite the rise in digital fitness and home workout offers during this period, we noticed that many people were looking forward to working out in a physical gym again – and we are more than happy that we were able to re-open the clubs of all of our LifeFit Group brands in June 2021.

As a multi-brand company, LifeFit Group is focused on offering people the possibility to choose which form of workout and gym suits them best. In order to keep our members motivated to train while the clubs had to remain closed, we dramatically scaled up our digital content. We offered our members a broad range of online workouts and launched a brand-new app for Fitness First. Another focus lay on online personal training and nutritional advice to best support our members during periods of closure.

We have always believed that gyms will continue to be in demand. And across all of our brands – Fitness First, elbgym, The Gym Society, Barry’s and smile X – we were able to see that there is a great interest in exercising on-site. The support and motivation of our trainers and staff, as well as the equipment in the clubs, is crucial for our members. Fitness First was able to confirm the increased interest in a healthy lifestyle and sport in the month of June: We saw over 150 percent more new members register during that month in 2021 compared to 2019. Since we want to enable a “hybrid” training experience, we believe in offering them the possibility to combine their training in a physical club with our digital offers for when they are at home. Additionally, we want to grow the market by offering scalable fitness franchise concepts in order to bring more motivational and unique fitness experiences to German consumers than ever before.

Of course, the health of our employees and members is most important to us: the training in all of our clubs naturally takes place in compliance with the current regulations and we have developed very good hygiene concepts for all of our brands. We firmly believe that fitness training is one of the best ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy – and we are looking forward to further designing the fitness experience of the future.

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Jul 16, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez