This article is brought to you by David Lloyd Clubs

Earlier this year, David Lloyd Clubs became the first major operator to be awarded the highest Stage 4 Gold FITCert certification in the UK and the Netherlands, followed swiftly by Spain, Italy and Republic of Ireland.  Our remaining territories, Switzerland, France, Germany and Belgium, are on track to be awarded it by the end of the summer.

We have wholeheartedly welcomed the launch of FITCert, which is EuropeActive’s new certification offering sector operators an independent verification of the highest health & safety standards and processes. 

With 130 clubs and growing at pace, operating to a consistently high standard is critical to a successful growth. Operating across nine European markets and offering a broad range of health, wellness and racquets facilities further adds to the complexity.

Integrating new clubs into a business is always a challenge both culturally and operationally, so consistent and clear operational processes underpin all of our club operations.

We’re proud of this achievement and we urge other operators to follow suit. The FITCert accreditation is a significant milestone for our sectors as aligns us to other large industries, and drives high standards across the board giving the health and fitness sector the credibility it deserves. It is unquestionably the best way we can demonstrate that we are a professional and responsible industry, reassuring consumers that they are receiving the very highest standards when they invest in a health club membership.

Accelerated growth across Europe remains one of our key business objectives keeping our new opening teams very busy. In the last year we have acquired two new Clubs in Madrid – Serrano and La Finca, as well Wickwoods Country Club in East Sussex UK. We opened our new build club in Bicester, and in the next year will be opening new build clubs in Rugby and Shawfair in the UK as well as Sterrea near Brussels. We have more in pipeline and continue to look for new expansion opportunities, whether its single or multi-site acquisitions or new build opportunities. 


Jul 26, 2023 By Ioana Marica