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Fitness Park: The French New Generation of Fitness Concepts that attracts more and more members.  

Since 2009, Fitness Park has had one goal in mind: democratizing access to fitness to all. How? By providing thousands of gym members with high quality equipment at a very affordable price. With an average area of 1000 square meters per club, Fitness Park’s members benefit both from very spacious and very well-equipped gym spaces. Whether they want to practice cardio or weight training, Fitness Park’s members can make the most of their workouts for less than one euro spent per day!  
In addition to the self-service spaces and its latest-generation machines, Fitness Park clubs can also be equipped with integrated gym concepts that cover different sport disciplines:  
  • The Fight park:  a space exclusively dedicated to fighting activities. Members of all skill levels are welcome to push their physical limits and enjoy group classes coached by professionals.  
  • The Burning Park: a studio dedicated to high intensity interval training (hiit) which combines cardio muscular strengthening exercises in order to burn the maximum amount of calories;  
  • The Cycle Park: a new experience for indoor-cycling’s fans who want to workout in a motivating and entertaining ambiance!  
The tailor-made rhythm of the music and special lighting effects during those classes offer an immersive and unique high intensity training experience.  
To take it further, the Group is continually working on solutions and innovations to make fitness practice - in and out of the gym - available for more people but also more fun! For example, within the clubs, members can get access to “online connected-zones” where they can challenge their friends! They can also enjoy a good TV show while running on the treadmill. But that’s not it! Fitness Park also created a Fitness app which gives members access to: tools to track their progress and a series of home workouts so they can easily workout from everywhere, anytime! So many ideas and innovations that help get Europeans moving!  
With already more than 750,000 members in more than 250 clubs (France, Portugal, Spain), Fitness Park is today part of the TOP10 European Fitness groups and intends to accelerate its development to offer its innovative, latest generation and accessible offer to a maximum of people. 
Jul 18, 2022 By Pauline Joskin