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Sustainability: essential in the moment, not an optional when times are good.

With the focus on firmly establishing the value of the health and fitness industry as a service recognised as essential to society, there has never has there been a more important time for the leading organisations in this industry to demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to matters of environmental, social and governance matters (ESG). With the environmental, social and health shocks impacting across the globe, it is essential for our industry to know what it stands for, what it contributes, and what more it can do in the future to strengthen its positive impact on society.

So says Ingesport, the parent brand of leading Iberian wellbeing provider GO fit, which long placed sustainability at the heart of its strategic and operational agenda. With its mission to help its customers "Live Longer and Better” and prove that "Happiness is Trainable As Well", it is a brand firmly positioned to drive wellbeing in the broadest sense for the communities that it serves.

It recently published its biannual audit of social impact, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), demonstrating a positive impact to society valued at €300m, with evidence-based impact on reduced health costs, enhanced wellbeing and contribution to GDP. It also highlighted the considerable progress that the company has made towards its objective to become carbon neutral in the coming years, with a 61% reduction in carbon footprint achieved in the reporting period.

Commenting on the launch of the audit, Ingesport President & Founder (and EuropeActive Ambassador) Gabriel Saez said "As part of our commitment to the 2030 Agenda, we have made a great effort to reduce our energy consumption and move decisively towards clean energy, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral in the coming years. The results in the report reflect the effort, awareness and hard work of the employees that make up the GO fit family. While COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Ingesport – and our entire society – it has also given us the chance to evidence our commitment to sustainability.

Far from taking a step back, we continue to invest in the future, as well as in maximum security for our customers. Our priority has been to protect the jobs and wellbeing of our staff and we've guaranteed 100 per cent of the entire workforce's salaries during the lockdowns. The pandemic has also strengthened the view that physical exercise is the most powerful remedy that we have in our hands to promote health and wellbeing. The future of our sector is truly great, given our unique impact on society, and we look forward to being a positive force in the communities that we serve."

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Feb 23, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez