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Our vision at Sport Alliance is to make access to sports for everyone as easy as possible - even in challenging times like the pandemic. We were and still are aware of our responsibility to support our clients during and after the lockdown to keep their business running and find their strength back.

Therefore, at the beginning of the pandemic, we put all our energy into developing new Covid-related features as fast as possible. This includes features like a Zoom integration into Magicline to enable digital streaming of classes. Also, we developed the click-and-train feature and capacity dashboard. This enables gym owners to regulate the member flow in the gym and makes the capacity visible for their members. Those features and many more, helped to follow the strict guidelines during the lockdown and reopening.

But our work for our clients is not done yet. We know that being active is essential to a happy and healthy life. Therefore we want to help gyms get back on their feet after the pandemic. Their main focus is on member acquisition, and we can help with that. We e.g., launched a “Referral program” as we know that many trust the recommendations of friends. With the referral program, gyms can use this fact to generate new members. When an existing member recommends the gym to a friend and he/she becomes a member as well, the gym offers rewards.

Besides that, with we have set up a digital booking platform for gyms and their potential new members. Gyms can represent themselves on this platform and offer their classes to everyone. This is how it works: You search for a gym near you or a specific type of sports you would like to do. You book a trial session or a class via and see if the gym is right for you. In the first step, no membership is required. But when a potential member is at the gym, it becomes easier to convince him/her to become a member. For gyms to get the best out of, we provide this service completely free and without a provision fee. 100% of the money earned through bookings via will be transferred to the gym.

But we are not stopping here. There is still a lot that needs to be done and a long way to go for the industry to find their previous strength. We will have new features released soon, that will help gyms on their way, e.g., in the area of member retention.

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Aug 30, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez