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Over the years, our industry's ultimate goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle has remained constant, but the methods to achieve it have evolved. Adapting to changing customer behaviour and leveraging technology is no longer an option but a necessity for brands aiming to stay relevant.

With everything just a few clicks away, the primary challenges facing fitness and leisure businesses today revolve around attracting, engaging, and retaining members. "As long as industry stakeholders focus on the human and continue to develop digital strategy considering the consumers' whole life, they will become not only places of choice but also brands of choice,” explains Peter Croft, CSO at Perfect Gym.

The Digital Futures 2022 Report by ukactive and Sport England reveals that a staggering 85% of fitness and leisure operators lack a well-defined and attainable digital strategy with a clear roadmap for success.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, data-driven decision-making has become paramount for businesses striving to excel in product delivery and member experiences. Establishing a strong digital presence is a fundamental pillar of digital transformation and lays the groundwork for implementing advanced technologies.

As fitness and leisure businesses continue to evolve digitally, the next step is to predict and address member behaviours and needs. Business Intelligence and integration with an ecosystem of partners through an open API facilitates this process, providing members with even more digital experiences. Finally, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allows for achieving a higher level of personalization, leading to greater member satisfaction.

To stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry, fitness and leisure businesses require a platform with scalable tools and integrations that align with their brand. However, a significant 85% of operators acknowledge that some of the existing systems in place are holding them back.

Perfect Gym is an Open Platform that provides greater flexibility and customization to help businesses thrive in today's hyper-connected world. By integrating with an ecosystem of partners through an Open API, brands can create seamless digital experiences that motivate members in their pursuit of being fit and healthy.

Jun 23, 2023 By Ioana Marica