EuropeaActive, Employer Skills Survey, Qualifications

Employers representing nearly 1,000 clubs across Europe took part in the 2019 skills survey which has taken place over several years. The findings and trends help provide the evidence and direction for future qualification and skills development of fitness professionals. The 2019 survey included an increase in the number of larger clubs and chains that took part.

The annual employer skills survey gives direction and trends so EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee can update, amend and add new standards that will equip fitness professionals for the future. The latest skills survey results will be released at the European Fitness Association Forum in Cologne on 4th April – but the trend shows an improvement in the qualifications of trainers which reflects the updating of standards and enhanced quality assurance applied through the accreditation programme.

The results of the 2019 employer skills survey will provide additional evidence to the work of EuropeActive’s project “Blueprint for skills cooperation and employment” with its foresight work into future skills needs. The findings and recommendations being developed through the Sector Skills Alliance and Professional Standards Committee will help EuropeActive and its partners to build the permanent structures and processes to continue with the development of skills and human resources for the European fitness sector.



Mar 28, 2019 By admin