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The European Network of Sport Education (ENSE) holds its 15th ENSE Forum from 26th to 27th September 2019 in Vienna, Austria. This year’s host is the Institute for Sport Science at the University of Vienna and Forum delegates from the Sport, Fitness and physical activity sector will focus on Sport-Education-Society: Links and Solutions. During the two-day event, topics related to physical activity, future of sport and sport & fitness education will be explored.

Hence, Fitness will be addressed during a parallel session at day 2 with Promoting Growth and Employment through Skills Development by Elisabeth Thienemann from EuropeActive, Importance of E-Learning for Fitness Professionals – Opinion of Portuguese Fitness Employers by Susana Franco and Development of EQF5 Qualification Related to Health and Fitness by Andrew Scott.

The presentation on Skills Development covers the presentation of the principles of the skills foresight for the European Fitness sector. This activity was part of the Blueprint project, an EU-funded action under the Erasmus+ Sport Programme and coordinated by EuropeActive. The 3-year project is designed to promote skills cooperation and employment in the European Active Leisure Sector.

The main output will be an evidence-based skills strategy to give direction to how we need to support future skills needs, and the new roles and occupations that will undoubtedly be needed as the sector develops.




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