The EREPS20 Class of 2023 event took place on 17th and 18th of June in Athens, Greece. The Summer School was attended by the 20 lucky winners of an application process conducted earlier this year. Participants were selected from across Europe and beyond, with representation from 12 different countries, including France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Lebanon and strong representation from the host country, Greece. 
The heart of the event was a desire to encourage all fitness professionals in our Sector to engage in lifelong learning, renewing skills, and acquiring knowledge. Lifelong learning is based on the principle that learning never stops; our first qualification is just the start of an educational journey that should continue throughout our personal and professional lives. Our 20 attendees should be praised for recognising this and for seizing the opportunity to travel to Greece for what proved to be an unforgettable learning experience. Greece is one of Europe’s oldest civilisations and the cradle of education, with some of the world’s most renowned scholars and philosophers calling it home. So where better to come and learn from some of the best presenters in our wonderful Sector?
Over this 2-day event, participants were encouraged to engage as much as possible with the sessions provided and to maximise the learning opportunity. Presentations encompassed many aspects of personal training, including HIIT, functional Pilates, business opportunities, working with older adults, nutritional needs of athletes, core training and strength training for women. Sessions struck a balance between theory and practice and were delivered with huge energy and confidence by truly world-class presenters.
The EREPS team would like to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks to all those presenters who have given their support to this event. We are genuinely inspired by their commitment to raising the skills and professionalism of those working in our Sector. We would also like to thank our very gracious sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible, namely ALTERLIFE FITNESS ACADEMY, New York College, Studione, afstudies, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and FIBO Global Fitness.
Please stay tuned to EREPS media pages for more insights and videos from EREPS20 Class of 2023!
Jun 26, 2023 By Ioana Marica