On Tuesday February 4th, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commissioner for public health and food safety, Stella Kyriakides, were invited to the European Parliament by the MEPs Against Cancer group, to present the Commission’s flagship initiative in the fight against cancer: Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.


Ms Trillet-Lenoir and Mr Fourlas, both Members of the European Parliament and the MEPs Against Cancer Group, welcomed all participants to the European Parliament and pointed out that cancer touches all Europeans and therefore Europe’s plan to combat cancer should be there for everyone as well.

During her opening statement President von der Leyen announced that Tuesday February 4th the starting gun has been fired on the development of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, with the launch of the public consultation. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of prevention when it comes to fighting cancer. With 40% of cancers being preventable through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the room for progression is enormous.  

Stella Kyriakides, Europe’s health Commissioner, followed up with a keynote speech, during which she emphasised the importance of stakeholder engagement. The Europe’s beating cancer plan is a plan about partnerships. She reiterated the importance of prevention and the key role that exercise and physical activity have to play in this. 

The vice-president of the European Parliament, Myriad McGuiness and the European Commissioner for Promoting the European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas made the closing remarks, reiterated the importance of tackling cancer as a united Europe, guaranteeing it works for everyone.

EuropeActive looks forward to contributing to the public consultation and engaging with the European Institutions to work together to prevent cancers through making more people more active more often.

We strongly encourage to participate in the consultation process. Here you can find the questionnaire to fill in.




Feb 6, 2020 By admin