On 28-29 September, EuropeActive and the other EUMOVE project partners met in Lisbon to discuss progress and to focus on the the launch of the project’s intellectual resources and their distribution. 
The EUMOVE project is an EU funded action under the Erasmus+ Programme and focusses on developing and disseminating evidence-based resources and strategies for primary and secondary schools. The project aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity among young people in order to prevent the continued rise of childhood obesity.  
An important part of the project meeting was planning the activities for the near future, including the finalization and publication of intellectual resources. Evidence-based resources and learning practices developed as part of the EUMOVE project include the EUMOVE mobile app, the Physically Active Lessons Toolkit, the Real-Time Active Breaks Platform, the Active School Commuting Kit, the Parents Toolkit, the School Leaders Toolkit and the Learning Units. The learning outcomes were created by university experts in collaboration with schools, professionals, and families. Publications are based on evidenced guidelines such as those of the Council on Physical Activity to Improve Health (HEPA) and the EU Physical Activity Guidelines. After the official launch of the intellectual outputs, the project's dissemination and communication activities will start. 
To learn more about the project, visit the official project Website.
Oct 13, 2022 By Anna Miskovicova