On Monday 9 October 2023, the European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS) and the Province of Lecco, in partnership with Regione Lombardia, welcomed participants to the launch event for the 2024 Outdoor Sports Euro'Meet. A strategic outdoor sports event, Euro’Meet is hosted every two years by a different municipality and brings together key stakeholders committed to sustainable outdoor sports. ENOS is one of the founding members of the European Physical Activity Alliance (EPAA), together with EuropeActive, FESI and It’s Great Out There Coalition. 

The event saw the participation of Lara Magoni, representative of Regione Lombardia, and Alessandra Hofmann, the President of Provincia di Lecco, who showcased the outdoors natural wonders of Lecco and its commitment to inclusivity through the "ActivE3" initiative.

John Frederiksen, who hailed from Silkeborg, Denmark, the 2022 host of Euro’Meet, shared insights into Silkeborg's experience as the "Outdoor Capital" and the three key aspects highlighted by the 2022 edition, which focused on how outdoor activities can promote welfare, knowledge and growth, and the importance of nature in our leisure time. He also underlined the value of the event as an excellent opportunity to gather knowledge and receive inspiration from across Europe and a unique networking platform. 

Benjamin Billet, ENOS Head of Policy, presented Euro'meet 2024 edition’s main focus: to reflect upon how outdoor sport activities can contribute to addressing today’s challenges by promoting innovative solutions. Topics include innovation for climate change, biodiversity and sustainability, outdoor sport's role in tackling well-being inequalities, and outdoor sports innovations for addressing physical inactivity. The idea is that innovation can enrich the sporting experience and contribute to create citizens who are aware of the importance of sustainability and health. 

The programme also featured engaging discussions on sustainability, sports, and nature. Eugenio Amato presented Lombardia's support for the ENOS vision and its commitment to sustainability based on the ENOS Green Deal Policy Position Paper. Jana Janotova from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) introduced "Sports for Nature (S4N)", an initiative to drive transformative action to protect and restore nature across the sports sector. 

Finally, the event showcased a strategic workshop on the topic of "Buffer Zones" for biodiversity and mobility, underscoring the profound intersection between outdoors sports and sustainability. ENOS Chairman Mike McClure emphasised their role as a net-positive carbon intervention supporting carbon-neutral mobility, biodiversity, and human health. 



Oct 12, 2023 By Anna Miskovicova