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The FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019, Europe’s most important Award for the fitness, wellness and health sector, revealed its winners during the 6th European Health and Fitness Forum. The ceremony took place on Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 and awarded EuropeActive’s partner Neuron Academy for the brain training station Reflex-ON in the category of ‘Perfomance’ and member Sphery AG with its functional training tool ExerCube in the ‘Start Up’ category.

Neuron Academy, the fast-growing company on cognitive training, brain plasticity and neurosciences, was the winner of the ‘Performance’ category for the world’s first brain training station to improve cognitive functions. Reflex-ON offers personalized and evolutive brain training session in a virtual immersive reality environment.

The ‘Start Up’ category winner of 2019 was Sphery AG for its ExerCube, a functional training tool in an immersive fitness game setting. This innovative training concept maximizes players’ individual workout while they submerge themselves in a highly fascinating experience.

EuropeActive also wants to congratulate its Bronze Partner truu original water and member Gym80 International for their FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2019 nominations.

The rest of winners in each category are:

Digital Fitness: ELIAS (FACEFORCE)

Health & Prevention: BALLance balls (BALLance Concept)

Lifestyle, Life-Balance & Wellness: VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System (Charles Simmons Music & Fitness UG)


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