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The General Assembly Meeting for 2019 was  held in Cologne on Tuesday, April 2nd at 15:00 h. The annual meeting is the time where the EuropeActive Board, representatives of associate, honorary members and special guests meet to discuss and review the progress of planned activities, decide upon future agenda items and collectively seek solutions to challenges encountered. During the General Assembly Meeting, the participants discussed matters of great importance to the organisation and shape future strategic directions.

Directors of EuropeActive (Nathalie Smeeman, Executive Director; Cliff Collins, Director of Programmes; Julian Berriman, Director of Professional Standards Committee) will present an overview of all activities of the organisation and achievements of 2018. The event will conclude with the General Assembly discussing the budget for 2019.

EuropeActive Board Meeting

EuropeActive's General Assembly was preceded by the Board meeting. EuropeActive's Board represents the varied stakeholders of the EuropeActive membership such as employers and club operators, training providers, national associations, fitness equipment suppliers, accreditation bodies and certification organisations. The Board's main task is to supervise the execution of the agreed goals and strategies.

EuropeActive's Board announced David Stalker as new Board Member. David has spent his career in the leisure, health and fitness industry. He is known for his many successes in senior-level roles including Bladerunner, Leisure Connection, CIMSPA and UKActive. In January, David joined the Myzone team as CEO of the EMEA region to help drive European expansion.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be back on the EuropeActive board. I’m really looking forward to helping Nathalie and the great EuropeActive team achieve their ambitious targets and aid in cementing EuropeActive’s presence in all fitness related matters across the continent", commented new Board Member David Stalker.

"I’m joining a Board of well-respected industry professionals who are dedicated to driving the Health strategy further up the EU agenda. I hope my previous experience with UKActive, and current role with Myzone working across the region, will be able to add value to this crucial plan", concluded Mr. Stalker.





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