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The International Standards Meeting (ISM) is EuropeActive’s main event for training providers, employers and other key stakeholders in the fitness and wellness industry. It has become one of the most important vocational education gatherings in Europe, aiming to ensure comparable and standardised training of fitness professionals. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event and it will be hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 21st & 22nd November 2019 at the Black Diamond Building. Practitioners are also welcome to join the occasion.

The Need for Specialisation and Differentiation in Personal Training

With this year’s theme “The Need for Specialisation and Differentiation in Personal Training”, EuropeActive is actively bringing together training providers from across Europe and beyond, but also a select group of employers, practitioners, suppliers and representatives of national associations and national registers of exercise professionals to fully exploit the potential for skills development in the fitness industry.

The two-day programme comprises a great variety of topics and discussions, including the value of the European educational standards, the quality assurance of training providers and the professional skills for personal training. Delegates of ISM-X will be welcomed by EuropeActive’s Vice President Andreas Paulsen and will commence with an opening speech by Professor Paolo Caserotti from the University of Southern Denmark.

Ensuring Quality, Relevance and Progression

Director of the Professional Standards Committee Julian Berriman will talk about the plan to progress EuropeActive’s educational standards and the implementation of those standards through the accreditation of training providers and EREPS. This session is a must for accredited providers in order to continue to align with EuropeActive requirements and to maximise the advantages to be gained from accreditation. It will also introduce the concept of a European Certifying Organisation – a gamechanger for the training provision across Europe.

Group discussions and Panel Sessions: Look to the future

Participants will also have the chance to participate by debating in small groups answering two key questions: Are the current EuropeActive standards for personal trainers fit for purpose? And how can EREPS best support the professionalisation of personal training?

ISM-X includes two panel sessions on specialization and differentiation. One will be focused on the Training Provider perspective, where the discussions will aim towards the way to best educate PTs to meet future challenges. The Practitioner’s Perspective, on day 2, will see several ‘big name PTs’ bringing forth their take on differentiation and specialisation, and the results they have to show for it.

We will share our knowledge and opinion on professionalising the fitness sector in two main areas: the people (fitness trainers) and the places (fitness clubs and centres) having established standards for both. We believe they will considerably change the way that training, certifications, and qualifications will have to be delivered in the future.

European Fitness trends

The meeting will also focus on improving the understanding for future labour market changes and fitness trends within the next 10 years in Europe. EuropeActive’s skills foresight will be presented to understand future skills needs in the European fitness sector. By using the knowledge pool and data of the fitness industry, the foresight work allows the sector to formulate an evidence-based skills strategy and vision to successfully counter future labour market changes and demands.

Alexis Batrakoulis from EuropeActive’s Prof. Standards Committee will also launch the results of the first European edition of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Fitness trends survey in cooperation with EuropeActive and EREPS.

Drinks and Dinner included

This two-day event would not be complete without the opportunity to meet ‘old’ and new acquaintances and to taste the Danish cuisine. That’s why a networking lunch (with Danish smørrebrød) and a night-out including South-American meets Danish cuisine are included in the event fee. As this is our 10th anniversary, there will be a raffle on day 2 to win a Golden Goodie Bag, with its contents being worth more than € 200, -.

Do not miss this great opportunity and join us in the 10th edition of EuropeActive’s International Standards Meeting! Click here to register now, as registration closes on 6 November.



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