EuropeActive celebrated their 20 years of existence and 10 years being active in Brussels with a high-level exclusive event for the fitness and health industry. All members, partners, staff and old Board members of EuropeActive were welcomed in the Hotel Metropole, and celebrated the European Health & Fitness Sector together. The theme for the event was ‘The Night of the Fitness & Health Industry’ with the intention to celebrate EuropeActive’s anniversary and to create a special moment for the fitness and health industry to get together!

The event comprised of an exclusive Black Tie dinner with live music, special guests and keynote speaker. EuropeActive President Sir Graham Watson opened the dinner welcoming everyone to this special occasion and shared his vision on the development of EuropeActive and our sector in 20 years. After the starter, Herman Rutgers, former Executive Director of EuropeActive and current Board member, also gave a speech about the Health & Fitness Sector and predicitions for the future. To conclude Phillip Mills, CEO of Les Mills International, shared a personal view and some key learnings to takeaway from his experience. Together we looked back on the extraordinary development and success we have achieved as a sector.

Sep 28, 2018 By admin