EuropeActive is pleased to announce that the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF), the premier European educational and networking event for our industry's leaders, will take place on November 3rd, along with Sibec Europe, the leading hosted buyer event for suppliers and operators. Despite FIBO being postponed in November in order to fully focus on FIBO in April 2022, the leading international trade show for fitness, wellness and health will support the aforementioned events hosted by EuropeActive and Sibec Europe.

The EHFF will be held as a hybrid event on Wednesday 3rd November 2021, meaning that some of our speakers will be on-site in Cologne with a limited audience of industry representatives from around Europe. But importantly the EHFF will be professionally live-streamed, in order for EHFF participants to join and watch across Europe and the world. The EHFF 2021 programme will include sessions and presentations by visionary leaders and experts from within and outside of our industry under the four pillars of EuropeActive’s Manifesto: Health, Digital, Community and Standards.

Furthermore, two other important EuropeActive events will take place virtually in the first week of November: The European Fitness Associations Forum (EFAF) on Thursday 4th November and the International Standards Meeting (ISM) on Friday 5th November.

Sibec EU will bring together Europe's leading club operators to meet with key suppliers and participate in a series of one-on-one meetings over two dedicated business days scheduled for 2nd - 5th November 2021 in Cologne, Germany. Throughout the Sibec event, attendees meet senior executives, operators, and suppliers during meals and other planned networking activities, allowing for the cross-sharing of ideas and best practices and building business relationships.

EuropeActive CEO Andreas Paulsen said: "The EuropeActive Team is enormously excited that we are able to offer our sector Europe’s leading educational and inspirational event for industry leaders as a professionally live-streamed virtual event, so that EuropeActive’s members, partners, supporters and followers can join, watch and participate virtually from around Europe and the world. Furthermore, we simply cannot wait to see many of our key stakeholders for this year’s leading on-site networking event for industry leaders in the evening of 3rd November in Cologne.

We are truly grateful for the dedicated support of EuropeActive’s President’s Councils, FIBO and Sibec Europe, which will ensure the success of our virtual and on-site events and activities in the first week of November", he concluded.

Sibec Events Global Director Robert J. Shannon, Jr. commented: “We are very excited for Sibec EU 2021 in Cologne, Germany. With the full support of EuropeActive and FIBO we are once again delivering a traditional Sibec program with the addition of a gala evening the night of 3rd November. That evening the Sibec delegates will come together with the attending guests of EHFF, EuropeActive’s President’s Council and FIBO leadership for a cocktails reception, and dinner which will include a keynote presentation by Dr. Imran Rashid".


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Aug 20, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez