EuropeActive (EA) is pleased to announce the appointment of three EuropeActive Ambassadors for the 2021 - 2022 period to represent and promote EuropeActive’s sectoral vision, as defined in its Horizon 2025 Manifesto. The three Ambassadors will also assist the European trade association in its support for the European fitness and physical activity sector during its reopening, recovery and renewal post-Covid19.

Ambassadors Angelo Desidera (Italy), Herman Rutgers (Netherlands) and Gabriel Sáez (Spain) have been appointed by the Board of EuropeActive due to their extraordinary contribution to the European fitness and physical activity sector for more than a decade, and due to their continued commitment to the European trade association.

Each Ambassador, who are honorary representatives of the association and who are appointed annually by the Board of EuropeActive, will hold specific responsibilities covering several of EuropeActive’s focus areas, e.g., strengthening and expanding the association’s ties with its national association partners, resourcing its EU and public affairs strategies to promote and protect the sector, etc.

Commenting on joining Herman and Gabriel as EA Ambassador, Angelo Desidera said: "I am deeply honoured to be appointed as EuropeActive Ambassador together with such great entrepreneurs like Herman Rutgers and Gabriel Sáez. I am ready to give my full support and contribution to EuropeActive’s ongoing growth".

Executive Director Andreas Paulsen stated: “The Ambassadorship programme of EuropeActive, which we launched last year, is aimed at the continued commitment of ex-officials of our sector’s European trade association. Through this programme we would like to make sure that our entire sectoral ecosystem has access to the extraordinary insight and expertise of these very experienced industry experts through EuropeActive. We are therefore deeply grateful for the acceptance of Angelo, Gabriel and Herman to be our industry Ambassadors for 2021 - 2022."

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May 4, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez