On December 9th, EuropeActive brought together its Training Provider Coalition, a working group made up of accredited training providers to help shape the direction, conversation and focus of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee. Led by Director of Professional Standards Committee Julian Berriman, the Training Provider Coalition provided the space and time for Training Providers to share their thoughts and professional opinion on a range of relevant and important standards-related topics.

The meeting started with an insightful discussion on the system for signing up new graduates to EREPS, leading to a closer look at Standards development and review, more specifically the Sector Qualifications Framework and addressing at risk populations.

The discussion then moved on to the different ways of adding value for EREPS and how the involvement of Training Providers in this endeavor can be mutually beneficial. The meeting finished with an early peek at the 2022 programme of events, including the Training Provider Forum (TPF) and the International Standards Meeting (ISM), the main European events for vocational training providers, universities, standards bodies, fitness trainers and other key stakeholders involved in training and education.

For more information, please visit https://www.europeactive-standards.eu/

Dec 10, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez