On Tuesday December 1st, EuropeActive hosted the final  ANTI-DIFF project partners meeting online. The project has been implemented by a selection of National Football Associations that collaborated with EuropeActive, the University of Thessaloniki and iNADO, and could count on the external support of UEFA. 

The final versions of four of the main deliverables produced by partners were approved during the meeting:  

  1. The Anti-Doping in Football Survey  was completed last year and involved 733 young football players from 6 different countries. The study mainly targeted the players’ beliefs about doping and anti-doping education.  
  2. The Anti-Doping in Amateur Football – Code of Conduct represents a call for accountability of the European grassroots football sector against doping. It proposes a standardised approach for players, coaches, and clubs to have a common understanding and position against the use of doping substances.  
  3. The Guide for Coaches Ambassadors provides guidelines and proposed actions for amateur coaches who must act as ambassadors in the fight against doping in amateur football. 
  4. The training video materials aim to guide amateur football players against the use of doping. The videos have been developed to cover three main needs for a proper doping-education identified by football players in the Survey: Ethical Considerations, Side Effects and Determinants of Doping Use. 

You can download these documents and find more information about the ANTI-DIFF project here: https://www.keepfootballclean.eu/



Dec 3, 2020 By Ioana Marica