It’s just two months away: the 2018 edition of the International Standards Meeting (ISM), one of the most notable events for the fitness sector. Bringing together key stakeholders from the industry, including employers, training providers and representatives of national registers, this year discussions will centre around future-proofing the sector - that’s not an easy task in the current diverse European environment. 

Aiming for well-thought out and positive answers to future challenges, the ISM brings together delegates from all over Europe, but also welcomes people from outside these borders. Participants from Brazil, Oman, the United States and Russia have already registered.

Looking back

The event will start with an overview of the progress made over the last year towards improving and standardising educational provision across the fitness sector. A great start, that will emphasise the all- so-important contribution of delegates to the work and mission of EuropeActive. 

Moving forward

Next all participants will be asked to define what the essential ingredients of any training course within the fitness sector are. We know that well researched, evidence-based content, confident and informed delivery, impartial and robust assessment all are a must. But what can we learn from each other to ensure a balanced approach? To ensure best practice in an age of increasingly sophisticated technology and teaching methods? 

Join us today!

This innovative pedagogical debate will help us all in meeting the growing demand for highly educated and skilled exercise professionals. Would you like to know more about the programme or do you want to join us too? Click here for our special event page and register today!

Oct 2, 2018 By admin