On Thursday 20th May, EuropeActive launched its #BEACTIVE DAY campaign with a workshop, unveiling the new marketing campaign to celebrate the fun and importance of exercise and to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle. 
#BEACTIVE DAY is an initiative from the fitness and physical activity sector and represents a collaboration between EuropeActive and its partners, which will be hosting thousands of free events and activities across Europe and beyond on Thursday 23rd September, in the frame of the European Week of Sport. These events will take place tin a host of different locations such as fitness and sport centres, workplaces, parks, schools and many more places.
Commenting on the campaign, Head of Sport Unit Floor Van Houdt said: “The #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is an excellent initiative from EuropeActive and its partners which will further strengthen the European Commission’s #BEACTIVE message across Europe. Bringing people together to celebrate the fun of physical activity and helping people to become more active and lead a healthier life, is really what the European Week of Sport is all about. We wish everyone involved in the #BEACTIVE DAY all the best and look forward to seeing the campaign going from strength to strength in the coming years.”
Key players of the fitness & physical activity sector including health clubs, leisure centres, digital providers, club operators and exercise professionals are encouraged to organise an event centered around physical activity to demonstrate the resilience and resourcefulness of the industry during these difficult times as well as to help make physical activity promotion a policy priority across Europe. 
With more than 15 national associations across Europe and beyond already planning campaigns in their countries, we are looking forward to an action packed first #BEACTIVE DAY later this year!
May 20, 2021 By Ioana Marica