After a series of very successful webinars the EuropeActive team has come together to create a new way of sharing information and inspiration from September 2020 onwards: a podcast. Titled the Active Podcast, there will be new episodes once every two weeks. The podcast will be available for members only, though the first introductory episode has been launched today and is accessible to all.

“As podcasts are available on demand, ready for listeners to tune in whenever they prefer, we believe it’s a great way to share knowledge and best practises going forward,” says EuropeActive’s Head of Events Anja Beverwijk. The team has done it’s fair share in creating content – webinars being just one example of it – that was applicable in the days when facilities where closed and when we saw countries go through the process of reopening, which is currently still the case for some.

In September we hope to be in a new phase and with this phase comes a new format to share information, inspiration and to help further professionalise the sector. The Active Podcast will play a big role in this with new episode launching every 14 days on Monday at 5 PM CET. The first official episode will go live on 7 September. The subline of the podcast series will be “we pose difficult questions and get experts to answer them”.

Every podcast episode has a duration of about 20 minutes and will not only be available as audio, but also as video (vlogcast). The first Monday of the month will be a spin on the popular ‘Meet the Press’ format where an important trending topic gets discussed by one or more journalists from the fitness media. Every third Monday of the month will take the ‘President’s Roundtable’ approach where we hope to welcome big names from the industry and ask them to share their take on current issues.

The Active Podcast’s first introductory episode, featuring David Stalker, EuropeActive’s President and the host of the series, and Anja Beverwijk, EuropeActive Head of Events and Lead of Member Services, is now available. From September onwards podcast episodes will only be accessible for members.

The Active Podcast
Official First Episode: 7 September 2020, 17.00 CET
Intro episode now available here


Jul 29, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez