EuropeActive, Qualifications, Luxembourg

EuropeActive’s director of programmes Cliff Collins and policy officer Elisabeth Thienemann met with the Director of the Ecole Nationale de l’Education Physique et des Sports (ENEPS), Charles Stelmes and his team 2 July 2019. ENEPS advises the Ministry of Sport of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is responsible for introducing Sport and Active Leisure Qualifications on the LuxQF, the Luxembourgish National Qualifications Framework. It has been a very fruitful meeting to identify synergies of ENEPS and EuropeActive’s work in relation to standards setting and qualification development.

As part of the Blueprint project, EuropeActive and EC-OE are submitting Active Leisure Qualifications on to National Qualification Frameworks across the EU Members States. This process currently differs from Members State to Members State, but a joint approach is currently under development by the EQF advisory group. As from today, we are pleased to announce that Personal Trainer qualifications based on EuropeActive’s standards and sectoral qualification have been added to following frameworks: Belgium (vl & fr), the United Kingdom, Poland and France.

In the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland and Czechia, the process has been initiated. Hence, the Outdoor sector has successfully submitted their sectoral qualification for Outdoor Animators on the Belgian (vl), French, Greek and Portuguese National Qualification Framework with the Republic of Ireland under the way.  


Jul 4, 2019 By admin