On Wednesday March 4th, EuropeActive sat down with the cabinet of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to talk about key actions and developments in the field of sport and other relevant policy areas.

EuropeActive presented the good work that has been going on in supporting the European Week of Sport, with the #LetsBeactive campaign and project, as well as the National Fitness Day for Europe project. Furthermore, EuropeActive staunchly supports the spirit of the Tartu Call on Healthy Lifestyles, a very successful initiative of the European Commission to promote an active, healthy lifestyle on a cross-sectoral basis.

Another area of interested was the anti-doping work and the significant results it has yielded. With the conclusion of the FAIR project and the launch of the follow-up project called FAIR+, EuropeActive has proven to be important in facilitating the research behind the prevalence and the reduction of substance abuse in sport.  

All these actions and results have to be seen in the light of a strong and growing physical activity and fitness sector. With fitness currently being the biggest participation sport in the EU, the work EuropeActive is doing on skills and qualifications is crucial. In the Blueprint project for example EuropeActive and its partners look at the changing role of fitness workers and at the skills that will be needed in the digitalized future. Making sure exercise professionals have the right skills for the future.

EuropeActive looks forward to a positive and productive collaboration with European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and her team, working together to make more people more active more often.


Mar 5, 2020 By admin