The EU MOVE project‘s kick-off meeting took place on Friday 19th February. The focus of the project is on the development and dissemination of evidence-based resources for school-based interventions in order to promote healthy lifestyles for the entire school communities composed of teachers, parents, and schoolchildren. 
The project team is led by the University of Extremadura and is mainly composed of Universities which have a long-time commitment to this type of research and interventions, and which have collaborated in other Erasmus+ Projects. EuropeActive was selected as the partner which will disseminate the EUMOVE outcomes throughout its network of fitness and sport stakeholders and in any potential events organised in Brussels by European Institutions focusing on the promotion of physical activity. 
Earlier this month, on Wednesday 17th February, the HEPA - A whole school approach promoting Health and Physical Activity project held its kick-off meeting. The project aims firstly to analyse the best practices developed by each partner in the promotion of physical activity among young populations, and secondly to produce several resources for fighting physical inactivity in this age group.  
The project consortium is led by the Frederick University and like the EU MOVE project is also composed mostly of Universities. Each of them will address one of the project target group (parents, kids, teachers) and produce their specific resources. EuropeActive will be responsible for “the quality assurance” work package of the project, the draft of a policy recommendations paper containing the best practices for the promotion of physical activity in schools, and eventually the promotion of the project’s final outcomes through a “Multiplier Sport Event” in Brussels. 
EuropeActive has successfully completed two Erasmus+ Projects as coordinator targeting schoolchildren in 2016 and 2017 (ALCIS1 and ALCIS2). The two projects together involved approximately 20.000 schoolchildren across 9 EU countries. 
Feb 25, 2021 By Ioana Marica