On Wednesday December 16th, the Sport Unit of the EU Commission held its final sport policy breakfast of 2020 in a virtual format. This session focused on who can speak on behalf of sport at the European level, with stakeholders from across the sport and physical activity sector engaging in lively discussions on the topic. 

The session was structured around a panel discussion in which the European Olympic Committee, FIFA, ENGSO and EuropeActive participated. From the panel discussion it became clear that how and why people are participating in sports and physical activity is evolving, which also is reflected by the plurality of organisations and voices who now represent sport at the European level. In discussing legitimacy of the representation, the panellist went into more detail on the governance structure of their organisations. Lukas Declercq,  EuropeActive’s EU Affairs Manager, gave the participants insight in how EuropeActive works with its members and how it works to foster a continuous dialogue with all the stakeholders in the fitness and physical activity sector, guaranteeing its representativeness for the fitness and physical activity sector. 

All panellist were in agreement that transparency is of the utmost importance when it comes to the representativeness of organisations, allowing both the EU institutions and other stakeholders to make a fair assessment about who is represented by which organisation.  

The session closed with a special farewell message from Yves Le Lostecque, who will be leaving his post as Head of the Sport Unit. The participants, including EuropeActive, praised him for the outstanding work he has done for sport and physical activity in the EU. 


Dec 17, 2020 By Pauline Joskin