Following the 2021 #BeActive Awards ceremony, the European Commission held a Debrief of the European Week of Sport for National Coordinating Bodies and formal partners. Opened by the Head of the Sport Unit, Floor van Houdt, the meeting was an opportunity to celebrate the success of this year’s campaign, exchange about experiences and innovations and reflect on the 2022 edition. 
EuropeActive was invited to present the European fitness sector’s contribution to the campaign as an example of good practice. Indeed, the 2021 contribution of the European Fitness and Physical Activity Sector to the Week marks a significant increase in numbers compared to 2020, though the campaign luckily fell between COVID-19 waves. 
Following the success of the Erasmus+ co-funded project National Fitness Days for Europe, EuropeActive launched the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign in 2021 as its flagship event. The campaign celebrates the fun and importance of fitness and physical activity by organising free events and activities in various settings (fitness and sport centres, parks, high streets, schools, universities, workplaces) to encourage people to be physically active for the day. Thanks to EuropeActive’s national association partners incredible work, the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign reached 2 557 759 million participants through 5201 events.  
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Dec 2, 2021 By Ioana Marica