EuropeActive has successfully put together a series of online Roundtables to address the need for a coordinated response to the Covid-19 affecting the European fitness sector. The 4th EFAF roundtable took place the 14th April and brought together 13 National Fitness Associations that were updated on the latest developments at European level.

Participants were firstly informed of the measures that are being taken at the EU level (e.g. Eurogroup funding scheme and the Covid-19 EU Comm strategy). EuropeActive also presented the following weekly webinars and the documents the organisation is preparing to support the sector in these days.

Fitness Associations representatives had the opportunity to update everybody about the situation in their countries and advise EuropeActive on the following actions and themes to be covered.
Eventually participants discussed how to maintain “fitness” in the top line, both as European and National Levels, to make policy makers understand, once again why fitness is economically and socially important.

EuropeActive keeps working closely with the national fitness association and the other fitness and physical activity stakeholders to work through this crisis together. You can find more information about the upcoming webinars and online events on our to our COVID-19 page.





Apr 16, 2020 By admin