EuropeActive is delighted to announce the launch of a new research centre called ‘THINK Active’. A unique initiative to provide scientific, evidence-based research to support the fitness & physical activity sector to deliver meaningful and sustainable public health outcomes and promote best practice across Europe and beyond.

THINK Active’s first article, written by EuropeActive Board Member Prof. Alfonso Jimenez, Dr. Xian Mayo and Prof. Robert J. Copeland, is entitled ‘The positive impact of physical activity and exercise on immune function; the critical prevention and recovery tool to fight a second wave of COVID-19’ underlines beneficial effects of exercise and physical activity on people’s immunity.

The conditions created by the pandemic have raised awareness of the importance of physical activity highlighting the central role exercise plays in prevention of and recovery from COVID-19. According to the article, the potential risk to health whilst training at facilities providing good hygiene and distancing measures is very low compared to the negative impact of inactivity to both physical and mental health.

EuropeActive Executive Director, Andreas Paulsen, commented on the article saying: “As stated in the revised definition of EuropeActive’s core values, Europe defines our continent and Active defines the sector we represent. It is our ambition that THINK Active, under the leadership of Prof. Alfonso Jimenez and multiple academic partners will, over time, lead to far-reaching improvement of our sector’s business models and practices”.

“The working spirit of Think Active will be to uphold the proud European traditions of 'mens sana in copore sano' and ’sapere aude’ through essential evidence-based research positioning our sector as a respected part of public health policy and valued providers of physical, social and mental wellbeing within our communities”, he concluded.

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Aug 28, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez