The Perfect Gym Solution is an all-in-one Software as a Solution (SaaS) for the fitness industry. The platform is a comprehensive package of modular cloud-based products for the management of fitness clubs, sports & leisure facilities, universities and corporate facilities and gyms. The Perfect Gym Software, which includes functions such as CRM, Automation Center, Bookings, Client Portal, Mobile App and Point of Sale has been designed specifically with the end customer in mind and is often considered to be the platform needed for successful digital transformation of a facility.

With systems currently operating in 50 countries, Perfect Gym is a truly international company that delivers an integrated solution to all the vital operations performed by individual clubs, multi-location clubs and international fitness chains. The comprehensive functionality enables gyms to drive their businesses with precision and includes, but is not limited to:

  • real-time reports of financial data
  • online payment solutions
  • details of members’ attendance and activities 
  • details of group fitness bookings
  • personal training schedules 
  • an integrated CRM, marketing automation and mobile app

“We travel the world and attend all important industry events to ensure we are up-to-date with our clients’ needs. We are constantly improving our software to enable us to deliver only the highest quality products and services to our customers and their members,” explains Jacek Szlendak, CEO of Perfect Gym. “Perfect Gym is a member of all significant organizations such as EuropeActive, UK Active, FIT-C, and IHRSA because we understand the importance of being close to the industry’s top professionals.” 

The Perfect Gym system consists of:

  • PosWeb- Our Intuitive Point of Sale module for reception and concierge staff. Easily sell, enrol, and book members and casual visitors into the club. Utilise our EFTPOS integration to ensure your till is easily reconciled and view “in the club” and “at risk” members with ease, through our Perfect Guest ‘Star’ Rating retention system.

  • Perfect Gym Manager- Our back of house administration module that provides tiered access to enable staff to complete or automate club tasks through the use of various tools, including:


  1. Campaign Manager- an automated customer relationship tool that can send e-mail and SMS messages to a variety of individuals or groups based on campaign parameters or events, which are completely customizable in both message and the event that triggers the campaign e.g. visit/non visit, milestone, first class, at risk, expiry, etc.

  2. Report Manager- automated reports that can be stored and archived for quick access, such as end of month reports, daily reports, debtor reports and at risk accounts.

  3. Dashboard Manager- a real-time statistics dashboard that gives you a snapshot of a club’s performance through many built in widgets. Examples include: sales by week/month, visits per day/week/month, who is a frequent visitor/at risk or long time member, KPI of sales/retention/customer secondary spend, etc. 

  4. Fully Integrated Entrance Control- PerfectGym has Real-Time Access Control, meaning when a member scans their card/wristband/etc. their status is queried in real time against the database e.g. does the member owe money? Do they have extended hours’ membership? Have they signed a waiver? Are they a teen gym member? Our offline functionality means all visits are cached and members can enter even during an internet outage.

  5. Fully Integrated Smart Internal Access Control- through the use of the PerfectGym Go App and Portal (see below), members can book onto a class prior to attending the facility and scan their member card at a reader on a group fitness door which registers them for the class and shows that they attended. In addition, we can do tiered access i.e. high performance areas for only certain membership types, as well as gender based validation (female only area / changing room readers), as well as the use of readers for cashless purchases of services or products. These purchases can either utilize existing credit or be added to the next debit cycle.

  6. Seamless Direct Debit– our seamlessly integrated direct debit function facilitates customer payments, rejections, SMS and email member correspondence through templates to inform members of failed payments. The club will also receive reports of successful and rejected direct debits, whilst the PerfectGym software updates members accounts with rejection fees and outstanding amounts, whilst reconciling successful monies debited. 

  7. Customer App and Portal- members have the ability to update details, cancel memberships, upgrade and purchase new memberships and settle outstanding account balances through the Mobile optimised Customer Portal. 

The Customer Portal can also be used to book and pay for additional add-ons and services like Personal Training. With both the Portal and PerfectGym GO App, members also have the ability to view and book onto group fitness classes, view class timetables and rate instructors and classes with the use of a Star Rating. 

  8. Customer Portal Sign Up- the customer portal has an online signup for new members, which can be placed as a direct link on your website. Or, we can place a “first time visit” link from the Kiosk app on your website into your marketing material for promotions such as a ‘seven-day free trial’ or a ‘one-day pass’. We can also publish promotional memberships in this portal, such as “30 days for $30” which automatically renews a standard contract if the member opts not to cancel. i.e. we automate the conversion of a free trial prospect to paying member.
  9. Kiosk App- Further to the client portal, we have a specific kiosk app than can be run from an iPad or tablet to facilitate a paperless signup.
  10. Perfect API- Utilise our Developer API to seamlessly integrate the Client Portal, Facility Booking and Timetable into your website.   


Do you want to find out more about Perfect Gym? Please contact us to get a demo or visit our website or Linkedin account Perfect Gym Solutions.

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