The playful future of fitness – Go with the dual flow!

The startup Sphery Ltd specializes in game-based, personalized and multimedia training concepts and technologies, which are combined with innovative and unique hardware and software designs. With a research-based and participatory development approach, Sphery Ltd contributes to the physical and mental health of today’s "digital native" society.

Sphery's fitness game solution features an innovative and scientifically proven Dual Flow algorithm, which balances the player's fitness/gaming skills with the physical/cognitive game difficulty during each training session. The player is guided to an individual optimal training and gameplay experience and gets fully absorbed by the playful workout.

More Fun = More Effectiveness

Sphery's game-based workout is fun and highly motivating. This increases player's performance and exercise frequency. A 30 minute ExerCube workout has an equal or even better effect than a traditional training. 

For more information, visit the Sphery website.


Oct 15, 2018 By admin