On Tuesday 1st September, the AAL Programme hosted a webinar on the European Commission’s recently published Report on the Impact of the Demographic change in Europe. The Report takes a deep look at the drivers of this long-term change and the impact it is having across Europe.

The publication highlights the impact on the European social market economy, such as the strain on public budgets, health and long term care and the general quality of life, as well as the importance of addressing these issues through cross-cutting approaches.

According to the report, “maintaining the focus on the twin green and digital transitions will help provide many of the innovative and sustainable solutions we need to address the impact of demographic change”.

Digital and green transitions, together with active ageing, are two of the current priorities for the European Health & Fitness market. EuropeActive, as the unique voice representing the whole fitness and physical activity sector, is continuously addressing those topics throughout EU funded projects and information papers which cover the latest updates at European Level.




Sep 2, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez