Based on the European standards for fitness club operation and management – EN 17229 – a certification scheme is being developed with the financial and technical support of EuropeActive. Parts 1 and 2 of EN17229 will be fully operational by the summer, and will form the basis of an independent conformity assessment process being set-up by the Dutch National Standards Organisation NEN.
The scheme is overseen by a steering committee of experts from across the fitness sector and certification organisations. Representatives from the larger club chains are already involved through EuropeActive’s President’s’ Council for Operators. NEN are inviting other experts to express their interest in joining the steering committee 
The certification scheme is Europe-wide and will offered to every fitness club to help the sector to build confidence with users, staff, health professionals, and governments and to show that they are applying principles of good practice and safety. Certified fitness centres will be able to demonstrate their business excellence through the scheme that will be launched in November 2021 at the European Health and Fitness Forum.
Jun 2, 2021 By Ioana Marica