On Friday July 10th, the European Parliament adopted the resolution on the EU’s public health strategy post COVID-19. The document sets out the principles of what the future health strategy for the EU should be according to the Parliament.

The European Parliament acknowledges the fact that the current tools at the disposal of the EU to tackle health emergencies and develop public health policies are insufficient, and therefore calls on the Council of the European Union and the European Commission to strengthen cooperation and develop the tools required to tackle future health crisis.

The future health strategy should, according to the Parliament, also endorse the health in all policies approach and should focus on prevention as this is the best way to keep health budgets at a sustainable level for the EU’s member states. Given the fact that Europe is an ageing continent, they also call for an active plan on healthy ageing, enhancing the quality of life of older EU citizens.

EuropeActive strongly agrees with the focus on prevention, working across sectors and active ageing and considers being physically active an indispensable part of this strategy. Therefore EuropeActive looks forward to engaging with policy and decision makers to make sure the importance of physical activity is recognised by all.

You can find more information on EuropeActive’s activities in health enhancing physical activity on: https://www.europeactive-euaffairs.eu/

Jul 23, 2020 By admin