On Tuesday August 31st, the CULT committee of the European Parliament debated the draft report on "EU sports policy: assessment and possible ways forward", which was presented by Rapporteur Frankowski.  
Following the publication of the study on EU sport policy in July of this year and the subsequent public stakeholder consultation in which EuropeActive participated, Rapporteur Frankowski presented his draft report and highlighted some of the current priorities, such as promoting healthy and active lifestyles and the recovery of the sport sector after the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Subsequently, members of the CULT committee had the opportunity to share their views on the draft report and discuss its priorities. Finally, the European Commission representative Marisa Fernandez Esteban was invited to present the Commission’s current actions and priorities in the field of sport. Ms Esteban highlighted the forthcoming launch of the HealthyLifestyleForAll initiative on September 23rd, which will focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle across generations and social groups, and invited all MEPs to pledge their support for the initiative.  
MEPs will have until September 9th for tabling amendments and the Committee is expected to vote on the draft on 25/26 October.
Sep 2, 2021 By Pauline Joskin