The research

The fitness industry employs around 650.000 people, in different roles, age categories and contract types. Why did they join the fitness industry, and what keeps them motivated? Is it the lifestyle, is it to help people to get stronger and fitter, or is income the most important reason? Does it matter if someone’s employed in England or Spain, at a budget or premium club, employee or entrepreneur? 

It is the first research of its kind in this sector in Europe and will help club owners and managers to develop the most effective proposition to their workers. The innovative research was conducted in Europe by EuropeActive and Crunchr. 650 employees within the fitness and active leisure sector contributed to the research.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Employee behaviour and attitude is one of the most significant drivers of customer satisfaction. These employees spread their enthusiasm to customers and are more dedicated to providing the best possible service. Delivering a positive customer experience is crucial to your business. Consumers would pay more for product or service to ensure a superior customer experience. Especially in the fitness sector, people representing the club have a big impact on customer 

satisfaction loyalty and spend. The key assets of your human capital engage with your customer base every day. Insights in what motivates your employees is 


How can the results help you as a club owner or manager?

A consistent and strong employer brand is crucial in attracting and retaining the right talent. The insights of this research help companies within the fitness industry to build an effective employer brand. If you want to become the employer of choice for the talents you are looking for, you will have to understand what drives your (future) employees. What motivates your employees?

This information can be used to optimize your total reward investment, to effectively tailor your HR programs to the specific needs of internal and external employee groups, to identify improvement opportunities in the 

employee value proposition to keep critical and scarce talent or to develop external employer branding campaigns.

Get started

This research is conducted as input for a chapter in the book ‘Human capital in the fitness and active leisure sector’. Camiel Selker and Lieke de Schipper wrote a chapter about these motivational factors for this book. Due the large amount of data that is available, more detailed analyses are possible. We would like to offer you the opportunity to order a customized report for 500 EURO or get full access for 1000 EURO. For more information contact Crunchr.

Lieke de Schipper is employed by Crunchr and would be happy to answer your questions regarding the possibilities:  
T: +31 (0)6 27 13 17 80


Crunchr Preference
For this research Crunchr Preference was used. Do you want to conduct your own research, contact us about the possibilities to make use of Crunchr Preference and become employer of choice, by finding out what drives your employees in their work.  

Watch this short video or contact us for more information.

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