While the pandemic may be largely behind us, its negative impact on mental health has had lasting effects. That’s why Matrix is doing more than ever to support mental health in the fitness industry. From our partnership with the MH1 movement to educational webinars and beyond, we’re committed to helping fitness professionals become the mental health experts of their facilities.

Matrix has supported MH1 from the beginning, a first-of-its-kind program in the UK created to educate fitness professionals about mental health while providing essential resources to raise industry standards. MH1 recently introduced the MHQ, a validated psychometric tool that measures the trajectory of mental health using 11 lifestyle factors as markers.  This will help fitness professionals tailor holistic programs to the unique needs of each member’s mind and body. Developed with the support of Edge Hill University, the MHQ went through rigorous market testing before it was recently made available to fitness professionals.

To foster industry dialog about mental health, Matrix started a series of research-based webinars and panels. In March 2023, Matrix hosted an educational session at IHRSA with Dr. Karlie Intlekofer, global research scientist for Matrix. Dr. Intlekofer and Rick Muhr, Matrix Ambassador and Marathon Coach, shared how exercise improves brain chemistry and how fitness facilities can build mental resilience in their communities. A subsequent “fireside chat” with Dr. Intlekofer included panelists Derek Gallop, Kevin McHugh and Lynne Brick, who shared expertise on how fitness professionals can support the mental health of staff and members. Matrix will offer additional webinars and panels quarterly to drive mental health awareness in the fitness industry.

Matrix also donated $50,000 to the John W Brick Foundation to fund their Fitness Professional Mental Health Certification Program. Like MH1, this program aims to educate fitness professionals on how to support mental health. Furthermore, Matrix is working with collegiate athletics and campus recreation to increase engagement among young adults, a demographic that faces unique mental health challenges. By communicating best practices and new research related to youth, mental health and academic achievement, Matrix is promoting a positive campus experience for all.

If you’re ready to build a new normal that’s healthier — both mentally and physically — there’s no better time to get involved. Join the MH1 Facebook and LinkedIn communities to share your ideas and discuss how you address mental health in your facility. Visit the MH1 website to take advantage of resources and start bringing awareness to mental health. For webinars and panels, make sure to visit Matrix Learning Center. With the right tools, fitness professionals can help everyone they serve become their post-pandemic best when it comes to their body and their mind.

May 25, 2023 By Anna Miskovicova