The European Commission’s Expert Group on Skills and human resources development in sport has just issued a new publication on coaching. This document called “Guidelines regarding the minimum requirements in skills and competences for coaches” proposes a common minimum set of competences for coaches in Europe.

It notably suggests improvements in the education/training modules and courses of coaches as well as outlines core competences a coach should possess, in order to be considered as such. In addition, the guidelines focus on the relevance to coaches of several topics such as experiential learning (learning by doing), and lifelong learning/continuous education.

This document is addressed predominantly to the coach education providers, but also targets directly or indirectly policy makers, public authorities, sport organisations and education institutions. It encourages Member States to take these guidelines into consideration when defining their national sport and education policies and reforms to improve the role of coaches in society.

It can be downloaded here:



May 14, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez