On Tuesday March 9th, EuropeActive hosted a session on the importance of standards for the further development of the fitness and physical activity sector as part of Club Industry's Future of Fitness conference.  
A key point raised during the debate was the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionally affected people with chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, has made it painfully clear how important it is for people to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, it is important that this is recognised by health policy makers who should make healthy lifestyle a priority, but on the other, it is also key that the fitness and physical activity sector keeps improving its offerings based on the latest standards for both fitness facilities and exercise professionals. Working with the latest standards will build trust with the public, public health officials and decision makers and facilitate the close collaboration that is needed.  
EuropeActive has identified standards as a key pillar in the Horizon 2025 Manifesto and is taking on a leading role in the development of standards for the fitness and physical activity sector. In this regard and as a response to the new approach in digital fitness and physical activity offerings which have been accelerated by the pandemic, EuropeActive has recently published the ’Online provision of fitness services’ qualification which includes the professional competences necessary for exercise professionals to be able to carry out their professional tasks in a safe and effective manner, using online tools.  
You can find more information about EuropeActive’s work on: https://www.europeactive-standards.eu/ 
Mar 11, 2021 By Ioana Marica