There’s only a few days left to register for the go-to event for accredited training providers: the International Standards Meeting (ISM) on 15 and 16 November in Warsaw, Poland. This year’s ISM will put a real emphasis on the involvement of delegates through group discussions and technical sessions. We are keen to listen if you are ready to get involved in the debate!

The annual two-day conference has already become the most relevant occasion for cooperation in improving the education, recognition and social impact of exercise professionals, but we would like to take it all a step further. With the theme, ‘Future proofing the fitness sector – assuring quality in a diverse European environment’ we will emphasise the importance of securing the quality of the fitness industry workforce.

Local engagement 

We have previously showcased several important programme details for the first day. On day two we will focus on our host-country; providing a clear picture of the Polish fitness sector and how this relates to the wider European context. Poland is an excellent example of how sectors can fully engage with national qualification development and wider European recognition. 

Poland and the international perspective

Distinguished presenters such as Katarzyna Trawińska-Konador, Polish National Expert at EQF Advisory Group; Anna Szumilewicz, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport; Bartosz Groffik, President of the Polish Personal Trainers Association and REPS-Pol; and Cliff Collins, EuropeActive’s Director of Programmes, will provide key information about therecognition of sectoral and international qualifications by National Qualification Frameworks. This will then be related to the Polish education system and fitness sector to provide invaluable insights for any attendees looking to inform and co-ordinate their own national fitness sector development. 

Meet-up and learn

It’s clear that the future holds challenges for all of us, but also huge opportunities! The ISM provides a unique opportunity to meet with a select team of ‘colleagues’ from all over the world to discuss strategies to ensure the European health and fitness sector remains at the cutting edge of professional development. 

The registration for this event closes on November 2nd, so don’t hesitate to join us and register via our event web page:

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