EuropeActive is proud to be a partner of the European Commission’s Vocational Skills Week and Pact for Skills and to have its International Standards Meeting (ISM), to be held in Prague on 3 and 4 November 2022, as an officially registered Vocational Skills Week event. 
The European Vocational Skills Week is a European Commission initiative to make Vocational Education and Training (VET) a more appealing proposition and to help young people and adults reach their full potential. It celebrates best practices in VET through recognising the events of local, regional, national organisations, and other VET partners. The ISM as a meeting place for vocational training providers, employers, national associations and practitioners and other VET stakeholders provides the perfect forum for the implementation of the aims of the Skills Week within the Fitness and Physical Activity Sector.
The ISM has become one of the most important vocational education events in Europe with the goal of ensuring high, comparable and standardised training of fitness professionals, resulting in happy and healthy people across Europe. This year’s 13th edition of the ISM will be held in the impressive Hermitage Hotel, close to the Vltava River in the beautiful city of Prague. This will be the first live ISM in 2 years and will provide the ideal opportunity for training providers, employers and other stakeholders to come together in an historic European location to meet and discuss on-going VET Standards development.
This year’s ISM theme of ‘Moving forwards together through professional Standards’ echoes EuropeActive’s new ‘Moving Forward Together’ strategy for 2022-2025. This strategy represents the most ambitious growth plan for EA and our Sector in our association’s history and Standards lie at the very heart of this plan. The ISM Programme can be found here.
EuropeActive is also proud to be a member of the European Commission’s Pact for Skills. This is one of the flagship initiatives under the European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience, launched in 2020 as part of the Vocational Skills Week. The Commission launched the Pact for Skills to provide policy support and technical assistance for upskilling and reskilling actions by its members. The ISM in Prague will again provide the perfect opportunity to promote the stated aims of the Pact for Skills within the Fitness and Physical Activity Sector. 


Aug 29, 2022 By Anna Miskovicova