The dynamic and ever-changing world of Wellness is of value to everyone. When we embody Wellness, not only do we achieve well-being, but we also give off positive energy.

This is the idea that has always guided and inspired “Let’s Move for a Better World”, a global Campaign from 11-30 March 2019 that collects our individual energy and directs it towards a common goal: the fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

Together we can do great things and increase the success of the initiative: since 2014 “Let’s Move for a Better World” has involved a growing number of facilities and participants, all joined together by MyWellness Cloud, a passion for physical exercise and the will to take action against sedentary behaviours. 

Technogym created the "Let’s Move for a Better World" Campaign in 2014 to give you the means to fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles in your local community, by spreading awareness of the problem and promoting physical activity in a fun and inspiring way.

Register your facility or join the campaign and give your power to “Let’s Move for a Better World”!

For more information visit the campaign website.

Oct 17, 2018 By admin